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Calling All Crows partners with musicians and fans to create change through hands-on service and activism. Founded in 2008 by musician Chadwick Stokes (Dispatch, State Radio) and tour manager Sybil Gallagher, Calling All Crows has invested over 30,000 hours of service and raised more than $550,000 to support organizations in communities across North America and Europe. We work for a future where the success of live music is measured not only by ticket sales, but by the impact of fans and musicians mobilizing for social change to improve the lives of women around the world.

Crows' Nest

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  • Bird's eye view: February 12, 2016

Our Story

Filmmaker and friend of Calling All Crows, Ben Heider, has volunteered with CAC for many years, and helped us to document the work we do using footage from Forced to Flee, Bonnaroo, and ABW. Watch to understand how we work and why we do it.

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