Calling All Crows

Bringing Change to Women


Throughout the world, women and girls face gender-based discrimination that puts them at increased risk of poverty, violence, ill health and a poor education. Calling All Crows strives to raise awareness about this injustice, and provide opportunities for musicians and fans to take action, get involved, and together, work for gender equity. We aim to empower fans to become more engaged in women's rights and find their own place within this movement, specifically by supporting an organization of their own choosing through the Bringing Change to Women Intiative (#BCTW).

#BCTW is an opportunity for musicians and fans to stay involved with our mission to create change for women throughout the year with CAC and on their own. 

Join Calling All Crows to support organizations that promote women and women's rights by empowering individuals to directly engage with their work through #BCTW.


#BCTW is a platform that provides ideas and inspiration to empower musicians and individuals to take action on their own. Throughout the year, Calling All Crows will feature non-profit partners whose work promotes and empowers women. CAC will partner with them to share information and stories, as well as collaborate on events. These partners may be engaged in local, national, or international efforts focusing on a variety of issues including, but not limited to: economic justice, education, domestic violence and sexual assault, civil rights and race, reproductive justice, criminal justice and prisoners' rights. We encourage you to follow them to learn more about their missions and get involved.


#BCTW seeks to provide musicians and fans with specific actions they can take to support local, national or international organizations, including, direct service volunteering, advocacy surrounding larger issues, and fundraising or donation drives.

You can participate by volunteering for our non-profit partners or by finding another local organization involved in social justice work. Then, tell us about what you did with a story or video that we can share on the Crows' Nest and with the CAC community! You may even receive CAC merch or other music rewards (concert tickets, CDs, etc) as a special thank you for participating. 


We organize donation drives in the Greater Boston area and on tours. Partnering with local venues like the Sinclair or Radio 92.9's Copley Concert Series, these drives  support organizations like Rosie's Place and NuDay Syria, and give fans the opportunity to directly give back to organizations, whose clients depend on basic items like toiletries, baby clothes, and winter coats.

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