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In 2014 Calling All Crows went on the road with Chadwick Stokes for Forced to Flee, a tour dedicated to raising awareness about refugees worldwide and, in particular, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria.

This tour focused on educating fans and local community members about this issue through community engagement events and service projects on the tour. We are travelled to 19 cities, hosting service projects in in Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle and New York, and community engagement events in Pittsburgh, Chicago (both nights), Ames, Portland, San Francisco, LA, San Diego and DC. The type of activity is determined based on tour scheduling, response of local organizations, and partner capacity. These events were coordinated with the help of a local CAC Community Organizer in each city.

Calling All Crows also had a table staffed with volunteers doing outreach to raise awareness at every show.

Why refugees?

There are currently over 51.2 million forcibly displaced people in the world, the highest number since World War II.  These people flee their homes because of fear of persecution, war or armed conflict. Approximately 16 million are refugees which means they have left their home countries, though millions more have remained inside their home countries, and sometimes under the protection of regimes that may be the cause of their flight. Many are displaced for an average of 17 years in urban areas and temporary camps that become their homes. Too many displaced people lack access to the most basic services and are at a heightened risk for physical abuse, sexual assault, exploitation and disease.

Since 2011, the conflict in Syria alone has driven over 10 million people from their homes, with 3 million of them fleeing to neighboring countries, many of which are also facing civil and political unrest. It is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

Though globally, only 1% of refugees are resettled, the US welcomes more than any other country in the world and has agencies supporting refugees in all 50 states. Once resettled, refugees are only eligible for 8 months of governmental assistance before they are expected to be employed and self-sufficient.  NGOs, government agencies and local nonprofits do their best to support refugees to find housing, employment, learn English, and understand American culture, but often times funding doesn’t allow case managers or programs to assist for more than a few months.

Calling All Crows is working to raise awareness about the refugee experience and provide ways for people to take action and get involved. We're fundraising in partnership with Oxfam America to support aid and relief efforts for Syrian refugees. We're hosting pre-show events and projects at almost every stop on the tour and partnering with local resettlement agencies to help and to hear from refugees about their experience. Click here for a list of partnering organizations and individuals.

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