Calling All Crows

Non-Profit Partners

Calling All Crows partners with non-profit and community organizations to increase our effectiveness in the community. Through pre-show service projects and community engagement events, Alternative Break Tours, concerts, lectures, and other music-centered outreach activities, we inspire music fans to respond to women's issues by raising awareness, taking action, and collectively working for social change.

Pre-Show Service Projects and Pre-Show Activism Events

Host music fans for a rally, letter-writing campaign, panel, or other event in order to raise awareness about gender equality and women’s rights before a local concert. Calling All Crows will work with you to coordinate an activity that will engage fans and raise awareness about issues that matter to your organization.

Awareness Building

Participate in awareness building efforts with similar issue-related organizations to educate music fans and offer opportunities to get involved in your work. Share stories about a current campaign with the CAC community via the Crows' Nest or join us at an event like Farm Jam to provide an on-site service opportunity to our fans and share information about your ongoing work in the commuinty.

We're always looking for speakers for our Eliot St Series.

Grassroots Fundraising or Donation Drive

Receive donation, money or other resources (books, school supplies, etc.), from fan-to-fan outreach efforts. Work with CAC to organize a donation drive at a local venue, during a music festival or other community event.

We want to help non-profit and community organizations benefit from the live music community of educated activists, service volunteers, and non-profit supporters by:

  • Providing opportunities and support for non-profit organizations to deliver and cater information about the work they do and support they need to the live music community.
  • Making an impact directly related to a non-profit partner’s mission through service projects, donation drives, and fundraising.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnerships, please email us.


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