Calling All Crows

Pre-Show Projects and Events

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Calling All Crows’ pre-show events bring together musicians and fans to take action through hands-on service projects and workshops that educate and inspire. By breaking down traditional barriers between ticket-buying patrons and touring bands, the entire live music community has an opportunity to unite in common cause and make a difference before doors open and the band takes the stage.

Since 2008, Calling All Crows’ grassroots network of volunteer leaders have organized over 150 service projects, engaging thousands of volunteers around the world in over 30,000 hours of service. By partnering with local non-profit organizations that have relationships on-the-ground and know the most effective way to deliver impact, volunteers know they’re making a difference. Past projects range from revitalizing public school grounds and removing invasive species of plants to serving lunch at soup kitchens and helping to build new homes alongside deserving families.

Calling All Crows also organizes interactive activist events designed to educate musicians and fans around social issues. Then, participants are given immediate opportunities to take action through letter-writing, making phone calls, writing op-eds, and hitting the streets to make their voices heard. Past events have included a focus on educational inequity, women’s empowerment, death penalty abolition, global poverty, human rights defenders, and marriage equality.

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