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Here’s how to get started, whether you’re a fan, artist, music industry pro, or non-profit.

For Fans


Take our #HereForTheMusic training, available for free online.

Hear from women impacted by incarceration to learn about its wide-reaching harm and what you can do.


Suggest a venue, festival or artist who you want to receive support and training from Here for the Music.

Sign our open letter to the music industry demanding better sexual violence prevention and response policies and resources.


Volunteer for CAC at a concert or festival.


Donate to Calling All Crows via a one-time donation, or set up recurring monthly donations to become part of the Crow Club! Crow Club members receive early access to CAC-hosted events like our Annual Benefit Concert.

For Artists


Take our #HereForTheMusic training, available for free online.


Include our Anti-Harassment Materials at the merch stand and on your socials (contact us for assets/copy).

Perform at a CAC Salon.


Implement our Anti-Harassment Tour Rider and Code of Conduct.

Share our calls-to-action with your fanbase (contact Annie Bailey for shareable copy/assets).


Benefit CAC by incorporating $1/ticket, proceeds from a special merch item or song, or a raffle for a special experience/prize.


Benefit CAC by incorporating $1/ticket, proceeds from a special merch item or song, or a raffle for a special experience/prize.

Perform on a CAC livestream or benefit concert.

For Venues / Festivals


Include our Anti-Harassment Materials at your workplace.

Implement our #HereForTheMusic Training for all staff.


Use our venue and festival policy guides to implement strong anti-harassment programs.

Share our calls-to-action with your patrons and performers (contact Annie Bailey for shareable copy/assets).


Host a service project before your event.


Host or sponsor a CAC event by providing space, services (audio, food/bev, merch, production management, promo), or financial support.

For Non-Profits


Join as a speaker at a CAC Salon to share about your work and educate the crowd of 15-75 music fans on a specific issue, while taking in an intimate acoustic performance.

Include an activation/outreach table at a concert or festival.

Lead Advocacy

Partner on a 1-2 hour teach-in, workshop, letter-writing event, rally, etc. with music fans before a concert or at a festival.

Share your urgent calls-to-action with our community.

Get Support

Responding to an urgent humanitarian crisis? Join us on a live-stream to raise funds (contact us to learn more).

Looking for ways to more deeply connect with the music industry and leverage the power of music? Get in touch for a coaching session or workshop.

Join the Crow Club

Join the Crow Club by making a monthly recurring donation for any amount you are comfortable giving! For as little as $5 per month, you will be part of a special community that is committed to building a world where all people’s full humanity is realized, and local and global communities are equitable, just, and thriving.

It’s easy to do – just use the regular donation button and choose the monthly option.

Become an Advocate

Volunteer With Us

Interested in volunteering at a live show or festival to support our campaigns?
Our best volunteers love live music, activism, and striking up conversations with people.

As a volunteer at a live event, you will:

Set Up & Staff Table

Educate Music Fans

Ask music fans to take action

Recruit Other Volunteers

Have fun, meet new people, and enjoy the music!

“I have been involved with Calling All Crows since August 2011 when I participated in my first Alternative Break Tour with Dispatch for the Amplifying Education campaign. After that week almost 10 years ago, I knew it was an organization that was going to change my life. I have been volunteering and supporting them ever since. I support CAC because they create social change by combining music and philanthropy, which is especially important in today’s climate.”

– Ilana, CAC Volunteer

“As a black cishet male music lover and longtime performer who has been awakened to the ways the music industry is awash in patriarchy and misogyny, I was called to this work. Calling All Crows hosted an incredibly inspiring and informative panel addressing sexual violence in the music industry, and *immediately* afterward, I was at their volunteer tent excitedly telling Bonnaroo passersby about the #HereForTheMusic campaign to end harassment and assault in live music.”

Kafari, longtime CAC Volunteer

I volunteered with Calling All Crows as part of the #HereForTheMusic campaign and was drawn by the dedication of the organization to “be the change”. Music has had such a profound impact on my life and I loved having the opportunity to engage with the fans at live concerts who were as passionate about creating a safe space for all at live shows as I was. I will always treasure the conversations, stories, and opportunities I had to educate and empower others as a volunteer for the #HereForTheMusic campaign.

– Dan, CAC Volunteer

Let’s Talk

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Have a specific question about how you can get involved or just want to know what we’re listening to right now? Send us a message, let’s chat!