Activating music fans for Reproductive Freedom

Why Voice Your Choice?

Since Roe v Wade was overturned in 2023, 21 states have enacted abortion bans.

More states are following.

Abortion Bans on the Rise

Since Roe was overturned, citizen-initiated ballot amendments to codify adortion Into a state’s constitution has passed in every single state that has put it to a vote California, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Vermont, and Ohio.

States with abortion bans

States with abortion on the ballot

How we can help

Our Plan

12 states are codifying abortion into their state constitutions in citizen-led ballot initiatives in the November 2024 election. We can help.

Build partnerships with organizations on the ground in states where CAC will be working. Amplify Democracy in states with people-powered abortion ballot initiatives.

Activate artists to inform their fans about reproductive ballot initiatives,  and get out to vote!

Engage music fans at concerts, college and campuses, and online in competitive states.

The Partnership


BallotReady is 100% non-partisan and every piece of information is verified by researchers and linked back to its source.

Create a BallotReady account and join the movement:

When fans scan the QR code from their phone, they can:

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  • Contact their Reps
  • Research their Ballots

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Contact Annie Bailey and Heatherjean MacNeil for more information.